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Whether it's the basics you need or something more advanced, these easy tutorials provide step-by-step instruction.

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TutorialsWhat you can expect to learn

Issuing Work PermitsLearn how to use the Student form to create and print a new work permit, how to lookup an existing student and how to enter a new student record, how to add a new employer, and more.

Editing Work PermitsLearn how to find, make corrections, reprint and delete issued permits.

Canceling and Revoking PermitsLearn how to cancel a previously issued permit and print cancellation notices to parents and employers; how to use the Permit Management form to revoke a specific permit and print revocation letters to the parents and employer.

Automating Permit ManagementThis tutorial will walk you through the process necessary to define a permit management schema and demonstrate how it can be used to successfully automate the management of work permits.

Backing Up Essential DataLearn how to use the QPTools backup utility for backing up and restoring QuickPermit data. Also included is a tutorial on using Microsoft Backup.

Configuring For Network AccessThis lesson walks you and your network administrator through all of the required steps for sharing QuickPermit over the network.

Permit Type ReclassificationAfter successfully networking QuickPermit+ data, it may be necessary to reclassify permit types if pre-existing local data is uploaded to the server. This tutorial explains the process necessary to reclassify Permit Types.

Importing Student DataUnderstand the process and the data requirements, how to establish a connection to the external data, and how to execute the importation.

New School Year SetupLearn how to automatically run end-of-year functions such as deactivating graduated seniors, advancing student grade levels, and canceling outstanding permits.

Merging QuickPermit Data
into a Word Document
Learn how use QuickPermit's database of Employers (or Students) to automatically address your custom letters to each recipient.

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