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For QuickPermit Users

Touchline offers on-site District In-Service Training to licensed QuickPermit users. Although most users can (and do) learn QuickPermit without any formal training, these hands-on training modules are a great way to either jump-start new users or provide the seasoned users with useful tools that will help to get the most out of the software.

Training Modules

Fundamentals - This module is designed for both new users as well as those that are proficient with the basic processes involved with the issuance of work permits but want to take better advantage of QuickPermit's extensive program features including:

  • Tracking, editing, reprinting, canceling, and revoking work permits.
  • Printing standard letters and labels to parents and employers.
  • Managing contact records for employers, parent conferences, and student counseling.
  • Maintaining an electronic job board for student job searches.
  • Using the report generator to apply specific report criteria.

Advanced User - This module focuses on the establishment and implementation of an automated work permit management system including:

  • Setting permit-qualification standards.
  • Defining probation and revocation policy.
  • Utilizing advanced permit management tools.
  • Developing a district permit-qualification policy statement.
  • Customizing letters to parents and employers.

Other Important Stuff

  • Format
    Four hours of training (on the selected module) includes presentation and supervised lab (with 15-30 minute break).
  • Facility
    Provided by client (District or School). Computer lab is ideal.
  • Equipment
    Computers are supplied by the client (networking is not required). LCD projector is supplied by Touchline.
  • Preparation
    Client to install QuickPermit™ on all computers prior to start of training.
  • Cost
    $1000.00 plus (mileage-based) Time & Travel Fee:

    Miles* Cost/Mile
    First 250 $1.00
    251 - 500 .85
    501 - 1000 .70
    Over 1000 (ask for quote)
    *Miles are round-trip (from El Dorado Hills, CA) as determined by MapPoint.msn.com.

  • To Order - Call to schedule a training date, then issue a purchase order.
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