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About QuickPermit

Q. Can I use QuickPermit on a Mac?

Although QuickPermit was created for the PC, many users are using it successfully on a MAC using Microsoft Virtual PC.

Q. Can I use QuickPermit on more than one computer?

Yes, the QuickPermit license agreement allows for multiple installations at the same site (campus) as long as it is used by and for the licensee. Use at two schools sharing a single physical campus would require two separate licenses (i.e. a comprehensive high school and a continuation school located on the same campus).

Q. Can I install QuickPermit on a network server?

Yes, QuickPermit may be installed on multiple workstations for sharing common data on a network.

Q. Does a QuickPermit license include technical support?

Yes, free (and friendly) technical support is provided for all licensed users.

Q. Is my data secure with QuickPermit?

Yes, QuickPermit is password protected. Custom object-level security is also available if needed.

Q. Is QuickPermit easy to use?

Absolutely! Most users who are familiar with Windows applications can do the basics without even reading the instructions. However, page-specific QuickAssist™ instructions are available when needed. Additionally, online tutorials are available to step you through the various processes.

Q. How long will it take for delivery?

You should receive your new software within 7-10 days from our receipt of your purchase order and signed license agreement.

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